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Lottery Online India has consolidated all the major international lotteries so you can conveniently play as many as you’d like from just a single page. Online lotteries have draws on various days of the week and each has its own range of numbers to choose from. To play, simply select the lottery you’d like to play (for your convenience, the current estimated jackpot is also included below).

To play other lotteries or for a later date, please select the date of the draw you wish you get tickets for below and then go ahead and select your numbers. If you prefer randomly assigned numbers, please click on the QuickPick option for that lottery. Once you’ve picked your numbers, click on the Play button and you’ll be led to a very short registration form which will allow you to fund your account and pick additional numbers for the same or other lotteries before you complete your purchase. That’s it!

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If you would like additional information about each of the online lotteries displayed above, then be sure to check out the excellent Buy Lottery Tickets Online website or visit here again soon to view our updated lottery detail pages.