Latest Lotto Results

Below are the lotto results from each of the largest international lotteries. Unless otherwise indicated, the lottery results below are for the last draw. For more details on the breakdowns and prize allocations, please click on the relevant lottery image below. If you would like to play any of the lotteries below, you can find the current jackpot values and links to play on LOI’s latest lottery jackpots page.

UK Lottery:

Play UK lottery - win up to 42 million Pounds


Play EuroMillions - win up to 183 million Euro

US Powerball:

Play the biggest USA Lotteries

USA MegaMillions:

Play the biggest USA Lotteries

Italian SuperEna:

Spanish El Gordo:

Play El Gordo


Play and win on the Oz Lotto

Oz Power Ball:

Play OzPowerball


Play SuperLotto Plus


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Play FranceLoto

Brazilian MegaSena:

Play MegaSena

That’s all the latest lotto results updates for now. Hope you won something!

Please remember that if you purchased your online lottery tickets in India using any of the links on this site, you will receive an email from the UK service provider with the latest results. The email will also contain an indication of what you’ve won if any of your lucky numbers have indeed come out.